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N71370 - 1946 Clipped Wing Piper J3 Cub

This airplane is a tribute to one of the finest aerobatic/air show pilots of the 1960’s, Harold Krier. Harold originally had two clipped Cubs. He built the first one to be used in his air show act, but sold it when he moved into more exotic, higher performance airplanes. He then built a second clipped Cub with the special goal of teaching his niece and nephews to fly.

He had intended to solo his nephew, Marc Krier (Ashland, KS), in this second clipped Cub. Unfortunately for Marc, he never got the chance due to Harold’s untimely death in 1971 when his chute didn’t deploy while spin testing an aerobatic special.

When Marc started flying in 1988, he wanted to either restore one of Harold’s old clipped Cubs or build an exact replica of one. Since the owners of the original Cubs didn’t want to sell Marc one of them, he did the next best thing…he built this replica in 1989.

N71370 began life on October 18, 1946 as a Ponca City, Oklahoma cub, NC3476K. When Marc had to choose between which Cub to replicate he decided to use the best features of both of Harold’s original airplanes and paint it like the second one in the Bill Sweet’s National Air Shows scheme. The conversion to a Reed clipped Cub included taking 40 ½” out of the root of each wing, doubling up the ribs, and putting a vertical steel channel stiffer at the outer end of the strut fittings to make up for the different strut angle to the original fittings. Plus a notch in the lower door to clear the strut.

Like Harold’s original, N71370 has a Continental C-90. This replica, however, houses a C90-14FJ with Ex-Cell-O fuel injection and a flop tube in a header tank for inverted fuel. It also has balanced Tri-Pacer tail surfaces, a PA-11 nose bowl, PA-11 bungees, PA-12 wheel pants, gap-sealed control surfaces, and the canvas sling back seat was replaced with a stiffer aluminum sling which keeps your backside out of the bellcrank when coming out of loops, just like Harold’s Cubs.

At EAA AirVenture ’99, N71370 won Best Custom Class B (81-150hp) Classic airplane.



Aircraft Manufacturer: Piper   Owners: Adam Smith & Gregg Deimer
Aircraft Model: J3 Cub w/ Reed Clipped conversion   City, State: Oshkosh, WI
Year Built: 1946   S/N: 22167
Engine: Continental C90-14FJ w/ Ex-Cell-O fuel injection   Wing Span: 28.5 feet
Horsepower: 90   Empty Weight: 792 lbs.
Cruise Speed: 100 MPH   Gross Weight: 1220 lbs.
Landing Speed: 55 MPH      


Builder of N71370 - Marc Krier
Builder of N71370 - Marc Krier

Continental C90-14FJ

Krier Cubs
Krier Cubs

The Ferry Flight Home
My photos from the trip to get the cub back to its new home, OSH. My intention was to
take pictures at every stop, but that didn't so much happen...

Akron-Fulton Airport (AKR)
Goodyear's blimp hangar is on the left, and the T-hangar where the cub used to live is on the right.
Akron is also the home to Derby Downs - the World Championship for soap box derby. It is adjacent to the aiport. The Goodyear blimp hangar built in the late teens. It later was used in WWII to build Corsairs. Second leg of the trip - Warsaw, Indiana. They have a nice little office in the shape of a lil' control tower.
Sure is a pretty plane... Some of the "great" scenery of flat Indiana. But it was a perfect clear day! The fun part of the trip. Flying through Chicago's VFR corridor.
Along Chicago's Lake Michigan shoreline.
Lighthouse off of Chicago's shore.   Me freezing my bum off, but enjoying every minute of it. Panel shot, with an original 1940's GPS...
Finally, she's at home in her new hangar. I started the trip around 9:30 CT, and landed at Oshkosh exactly at sunset...roughly 8 hours later. This is what my GPS told me I flew.  

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